Conquering Fear

The Path to Inner Strength

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About the Book

Fear is as old as the world itself. According to ancient Greek mythology, even the gods were not immune to fear. The mighty Zeus himself feared the goddess of night, Nyx! Ancient philosophers had much to say about fear. For example, Epicurus identified three types of fear: fear of the gods, fear of death, and fear of the future. Aristotle distinguished between what is fearsome and what is monstrous.

Modern-day people not only haven't rid themselves of the fears inherited from their ancestors but have also acquired new ones, many of which are unfounded! These fears no longer serve to protect our lives by signaling real threats but, on the contrary, complicate and poison our existence. To understand where these fears come from, what they look like, and how to overcome them, read the book "Overcoming Fear: The Path to Inner Strength."

After reading this book, you will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of fear.
  • Recognize when and how fear arises and its impact on us.
  • Learn to identify different types of fear and gain tools to manage them.


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Our Testimonials

“This is one of those books that can dramatically and permanently change your life. The book invites you on a 'long' journey - to yourself, to the reserves and mysteries of your body, which are not yet opened, not yet deciphered by you. I have known Dr. Vadim Dekhtyar for a long time. But,...”

Evsey Tseytlin

essayist and literary critic

“This is a special book, unlike any other on this topic. This book is Three in One!!! It is an autobiographical novel with a skillfully woven plot, revealing all the twists and turns of becoming a Master! At the same time, it is a real encyclopedia of carefully selected, most effective techniques for...”

Algirdas Karalius

expert in Accelerated Skill Formation

“This book can change your life, help you find your way to yourself, find the necessary reserves to solve your emotional and physical problems. 'Healthy is not the one who has no problems, but the one who knows how to solve them.' How to solve your problems, how to find your way to your �...”

Tina Barrett

“This book is unique in that it is written at the intersection of two genres: one is a practical guide to overcoming fears and stress resistance, and the other, in essence, is a memoir describing the thirty-year experience of a practicing physician in Europe and the United States. It is impossible no...”

Alexey Ponomarev

“The book's feature is the author's style - friendly but not obsequious, serious but not falsely simple. With the feeling of being a conversation partner of the author, you tune in to a wave of friendliness and belief in your own abilities. With so many books and other sources offering solu...”

Yuriy Zhivoglyadov

“As the book contains a vast amount of information, it is not light reading, but I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in neuro-linguistic programming and aiming to overcome personal challenges. The book enriches knowledge, inspires, and provides practical tools for personal growth.”

Albert Saplitski

About the Author

About the Author

Vadim Dekhtyar is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, business consultant, licensed NLP trainer, founder and director of the NLP Academy. In Lithuania, he worked with banks and other financial organizations, consulted the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, and the Mayor of Panevezys. He advised Lithuanian State Television. In the USA, he worked with companies such as 4TeamCorporation, Alittera Ltd Inc., APM Studio, Sarpinos USA. He is the author of the books "My Bright Future" and "Natural Slimness with NLP and Hypnosis." In his new book, "Overcoming Fear," you will find not only a wealth of information about anxieties, fears, and their causes but also clear, detailed recommendations on how to overcome these fears and live a full and joyful life. The book is written in accessible language, filled with illustrations and vivid examples. It is aimed at a wide range of readers ready to become navigators of their own destiny and to manage it independently of external circumstances.

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